Richard Jones lives and works in New Zealand.

What's here?

Welcome to the personal space of Richard Jones writer, blogger, eLearning Specialist and Moodle Guru. I'm semi-retired but open to some contract work. Please also see my Linked In profile for recommendations.

I blog here as well, mostly about travel but sometimes about eLearning too.

What's not?

I maintain a Moodle site here where you can find courses such as Moodle Design, SCORM activity examples from different software suites and tweaks and hacks for Moodle sites. The site also contains support for various publications such as the IB Computer Science text book and Managing the Moodle 2.5 School (published by Smashwords and available in the iBook store as well). Finally there are examples and documentation for my Moodle plugins Simple Question, Atto Question and Simple Lesson.

What's new?

I have been busy with updating the Simple Lesson plugin for Moodle. You can view this and others at GitHub or find them in the Moodle Plugins Database.

Here is a link to my keynote at the Moodle Schools Conference (hosted by Pukunui) in Sydney.

Link to my complete bio

Recent work

Storyline projects

Most recent project for Hamilton-based Instant Education followed on from some basic Storyline training for their developers and is designed to take Storyline Developers from basic to intermediate level.

Tic-tac-toe course (external link).

Moodle development

The Simple Lesson plugin arose from a need for a simple presentation activity mod for Moodle. The existing Lesson Module could not use questions from the question bank while the Book resource used non-standard Moodle navigation.

The Quiz is a sophisticated but complicated module for beginners.

Simple Lesson allows any question from the question bank to be insterted in a sequence of linear page and provides both Preview and Attempt modes (in which it functions as a simple quiz).

Please see the Moodle documentation page for further details

Simple Lesson plugin

Presenting in Sydney

Latest book - Buy at Smashwords 4.99 USD

Email me richard (at) jonesnz dot com.

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